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Choroidal Metastasis Indicative of Bronchial Adenocarcinoma: Case Re- port

Primary bronchial cancer is the leading cause of choroidal metastases (CM) in humans. The discovery of CM is generally made during the course of the disease, often at advanced stages. Exceptionally, CM can be indicative of bronchopulmonary cancer as in this case. We report the case of 33-years-old women with no particular pathological history, who presented a rapid decline in visual acuity. Chemotherapy was used to allow regression of the lung tumor and CM.


Dohoué Patricia Eliane Agbanglanon1*, Gloria Akimana2, Evrard Seka1, Gaël Kietga1, Siham Jaba1, Sanaa Elmajjaoui1, Tayeb Kebdani1, Hanan Kacemi1, Ibrahim EL Ghissassi2, Hanae Bakkali1, Noureddine Benjaafar1

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