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Prosthodontics 2020- Market Analysis

Amr Abouzeid

Professor | University of Tanta | Egypt, Email ID: [email protected]

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It's an honor to welcome you to the official website of "5th International Conference on prosthodontics & Restorative dentistry" which is going to be held in Madrid, Spain during March 23- 24, 2020 . The theme of this year's meeting is "Promulgating latest innovations & applications in the field of Dentistry" which will provide an international platform for discussion of present and future challenges in dental health, dental education, continuing education and expertise meeting. World-leading health practitioners, clinicians, educators, and researchers will present cutting-edge and practical clinical techniques based upon widely accepted evidence and will introduce new and emerging research.

Why to attend?

Prosthodontics 2020 Conference includes international attendee workshops, lectures and symposia, including a designated registration area, a refreshment break and gala lunch. Dentists can join the Prosthodontics 2020 as an international member to receive discounts on registration. So come and join leading experts and allied professionals from March 23-24, 2020 in Madrid to keep up with the rapidly accelerating pace of change that is already having an impact on the field of Dental & Oral Health, and will continue to in the future.

Glance at Market of Oral Care and Dental Hygiene: World’s Dentists research report will be accustomed facilitate you: perceive market size and growth potential; major companies; draft business plans and pitch books; and conduct benchmarking and SWOT analysis. Dentists perform a variety of services that generally comprise general or specialty medicine. Accounting for regarding eighty four.0% of dentists within the trade, general dentists give services, like preventive care, designation and treatment designing, and procedures, like fillings, dentures and extractions. Specialty medicine, which incorporates odontology, oral surgery, orthodontia, odontology, prosthodontia and medical specialty medicine, makes up Associate in Nursing calculable sixteen.0% of active dentists.

Statistical Analysis:

Dental Universities in World:

Dental Companies/Industries:

Dental Hospital and clinics:

Target Audience:

The Professors, Dentists, Researchers, Clinicians, Educators, Marketing, and Students from world within the study of Dental Health




Dental visits and consultations:

In 2015, dental visits and consultations area unit expected to create up thirty two.3% of total revenue. This product section includes bar services (16.3%), similarly as consultation and diagnostic services (15.9%).

International Visitors to the USA:

Major Dental Associations across the globe:

• Canadian Association of Orthodontists

• Australian Dental Association Inc.

• Canadian Dental Association

• Royal College of Dentists

• European Federation of Periodontology

• Seychelles Medical and Dental Association

• Seychelles Medical and Dental Council

• Swedish Dental Association

• Swedish Dental Society

• General Dental Council - Regulatory Body

• NHS - Public Healthcare Dentistry

• British Dental Association

• British Dental Health Foundation

• British Orthodontic Society

• Dental Practitioners' Association

• The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)

• Orthodontic Technicians Association

• Academy for Sports Dentistry

• Academy of General Dentistry

• American Association of Endodontists

• American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

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