Transnasal endoscopic prelacrimal recess approach in a surgical treatment of antrochoanal polyp

Abdelrahman Sheta

AL-Azhar university ,Cairo

Received Date: 2022-07-14 | Accepted Date: 2022-07-20 | Published Date: 2022-07-27
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Rhinoplasty Purpose: To assess the effectiveness of the endoscopic transnasalprelacrimal recess approach (ETPRA) in preventing the recurrence of antrochoanal polyps & evaluate the outcomes and possible complications of prelacrimal recess approach for the treatment of antrochoanal polyps.
Methods: 40 patients with an Antrochoanal polyp underwent surgery with a transnasal endoscopic prelacrimal recess approach. The approach is evaluated for the ability to visualize the origin of the polyp in the maxillary cavity, complications, and recurrence of the polyp.
Results: Transnasalprelacrimal recess approach was successful in 80% of the patients (32/40), 80% of patients (32/40) did not encounter epiphora postoperatively, 85% of them (34/40) had no epistaxis, 90% of them(36/40) had no cheek edema. Noneofthemhadnasalobstruction, nasalstenosisoradhesions, all of them had the flap healed and all of them had the inferior turbinate preserved. During the follow-up period (1 year) no recurrence had developed.
Conclusion: Prelacrimal recess approach is a safe procedure that allows for complete removal of the antral part of the antrochoanal polyps to prevent recurrence without major complications.

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