Microlaryngeal Surgery Reinkes Edema in a Paediatric Age

Introduction: Hoarseness of voice is an important symptom of laryngeal diseases. Reinke's oedema is an accumulation of fluid under the epithelium of the true vocal cords causing hoarseness of voice. The incidence of Reinkeoedema is 10% of benign laryngeal pathologies. Reinke's Oedema is commonly found in middle-aged, but rare in the paediatric age group. Aetiology is associated with smoking; voice abuse and laryngopharyngeal reflux are other precipitating factors. Diffuse lesions of the membranous part of vocal folds are bilateral in 62 85% of cases, although they may be asymmetrical.
Case description: We here present a case of a seven-year-old male child who presented with complaints of hoarseness of voice for the past year. Video laryngoscopy revealed oedematous vocal cords with no other obvious abnormality. Initially managed conservatively for two weeks, with no significant improvement, so proceed with micro laryngeal surgery. In Micro laryngeal surgery, the gelatinous material from the vocal fold is removed. Advised voice rest for two weeks and followed up with voice therapy.
Conclusion: Reinke’s oedema is one of the common beginning laryngeal pathologies. A most common cause of hoarseness in children is vocal nodules while Reinke’s oedema is rare. And micro laryngeal surgery for the same is also rare in children. Voice abuse seems to be precipitating factor

Author(s): DEVA SOORIA. N

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